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At these games for your site being edited.
Reason for editing notifications about the status of Mochi Media services to 31 March 2014. Read mochi blog (pdf)
Specifically, we remove from our games mochi API. The current state of the services mochi causes problems in games.

Download only games are finished in the red box.
Already done the game: Home Run, Tiles Of The Shrek, Tiles Of The Simpsons, Tiles Of The Tom And Jerry, Tiles Of The Animals, Tiles Of The Stargate
, Little Lilly and Chocolate, Little Lilly and Fruit, Little Lilly and Secret Kingdom

Currently working on game: Stuart´s Xtreme Skateboarding

Please be patient. We are working hard to complete.
If you have any questions, requests or comments so send me an e-mail contacts here .

Best Regards jwkk
Tiles Of The StarGate (web)


Die StarGate Spiel weiter. Klicken Sie immer die gleichen Bilder, die mindestens zwei mit ihm sind. Wenn Sie gut, ließen sie kein Bild und Sie gehen weg. Controlling mit der linken Maustaste
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